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Markus Theinert with the KHS sales team at the Miraphone booth in Shanghai

Miraphone teams up with KHS Group for new distribution in China

Asia’s biggest fair for the music industry has opened its doors. Shanghai’s New International Expo Center (SNIEC) is successfully hosting the Music China for the 8th time. Miraphone had been participating at the show in 2006 when the Music China took place for the very first time. Markus Theinert, Director of Global Sales at Miraphone, took the company and her product back to Shanghai in order to open a new chapter in the distribution of the premium brass instrument line made in Waldkraiburg, Germany.

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Shipping Manager, Claudia Zettl, and Warehouse Manager, Günther Müller

Miraphone is recognized as a trusted sender Certification Nr. 300/2008

Miraphone receives certificate of “trusted sender” from the German Federal Aviation Administration. Due to heightened aviation security as of spring 2013, new regulations demand that every package must be put through an X-ray and proofed for explosives residue before being cleared for air transport.

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Miraphone and Harmonic Brass Sponsors Music Classes for Children in South Africa

Miraphone repairs old, used and no longer playable brass instruments collected by Munich’s "Harmonic Brass“. The quintet campaigned through their fans asking for used instruments to be donated to a program founded by the University of Stellenbosch in South Africa. Music teacher, Shaun Cloete, dedicates himself to providing brass instruments and musical instruction to underprivileged children in an effort to keep them away from drugs and other criminal activities.

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Southwest Tuba Euphonium Workshop 2013

Southwest Tuba Euphonium Workshop

The 2013 Southeast Tuba-Euphonium Workshop was held from June 23-28 at the University of Arkansas in beautiful Fayetteville, Arkansas.  As an annual event, STEW began in 2012 with its first installment held at the University of Georgia.

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Image: Deanna Swoboda

Miraphone Academy of the West closed successfully

Arizona State University with Deanna Swoboda, Alex Lapins and Dennis Askew was pleased to host the Miraphone Tuba and Euphonium Academy of the West this past week from June 14-16. “…of the west” was a pilot project following 6 years of Miraphone Academy success in the east hosted by Dennis Askew.

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Miraphone increases sales

Miraphone's annual business report shows substantial growth.

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Foto: Stefan Dettl von LaBrassBanda spielt eine Es-Trompete von Miraphone

Miraphone congratulates LaBrassBanda on their sensational 2nd place ranking at the German preliminaries of the Eurovision Song Contest

“12 Points goes to LaBrassBanda“.  National radio listeners from Hamburg all the way south to Berchtesgaden awarded the song “Nackert“  the highest point spread at the preliminaries for the Eurovision Song Contest. “Nackert“ was performed by LaBrassBanda, a brass group from the Chiemsee region of Germany. Stefan Dettl is member of the ensemble and a friend of the products built in Waldkraiburg having performed on his Miraphone Eb trumpet.

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Photo: Cooperation with Bavarian Band Association (MON) renewed for 2013/14. L.t.r.: Christian Niedermaier (Miraphone), Andreas Horber (MON) and Markus Theinert (Miraphone)
From left to right: Christian Niedermaier (Miraphone), Andreas Horber (MON) and Markus Theinert (Miraphone)

Cooperation with Bavarian Band Association (MON) renewed for 2013/14

On January 12th, 2013, Andreas Horber - chief executive officer of Bavaria’s leading music association MON - and Christian Niedermaier (board of directors at Miraphone) signed a new contract to extend the current agreement through 2013 and 2014.

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