A new helicon for “LaBrassBanda”

LaBrassBanda is a living myth. Proof therefor is given in numerous concert tours and recordings by the unique cross-over group’s charismatic musicians. The ensemble has already achieved an exceptional status and is being universally acclaimed for its surprising breaches of musical taboos, the authentic Bavarian lyrics and their ingenious compositions and arrangements.

Tuba player and new band member Stefan Huber undoubtedly follows in some large footsteps of his barefooted predecessor and Echo award laureate Andreas Martin Hofmeir. Stefan obviously has the best intentions to contribute to the unsurpassed musical success of this personable band in the years to come.

Therefore Stefan Huber put the group’s old helicon out to pasture without further ado and decided to look for a new one instead. It was only convenient that Miraphone could still provide a helicon prototype, which was expertly converted and adjusted in the Waldkraiburg manufactory. For helicons from serial production are quite rare nowadays. A professional musicians like Huber also demands highest standards of his tools.

Christian Niedermaier, chairman and chief of the research and design department, finally presented this unique helicon in F to Stefan, after the customization work could be completed by the Miraphone technicians. Huber immediately and thoroughly test-played the horn and couldn’t help but loving it right away. He simply left the band’s “historic” helicon behind and took the brand new jewel with him for the next concert tour. Ever since Stefan Huber passionately fires his audiences up with the Miraphone helicon.

By the way, Huber is not the only “LaBrassBanda” musician who performs on a Miraphone. Also lead singer and trumpet soloist Stefan Dettl plays on a Miraphone rotary trumpet in E-flat.