Miraphone congratulates LaBrassBanda on their sensational 2nd place ranking at the German preliminaries of the Eurovision Song Contest

Foto: Stefan Dettl von LaBrassBanda spielt eine Es-Trompete von Miraphone

“12 Points goes to LaBrassBanda“.  National radio listeners from Hamburg all the way south to Berchtesgaden awarded the song “Nackert“  the highest point spread at the preliminaries for the Eurovision Song Contest. “Nackert“ was performed by LaBrassBanda, a brass group from the Chiemsee region of Germany. Stefan Dettl is member of the ensemble and a friend of the products built in Waldkraiburg having performed on his Miraphone Eb trumpet.

Miraphone congratulates this cutting edge group from Bavaria with their brave ventures into the mix of techno, reggae, funk, pop and ska-sounds associated with the ever popular Eurovision Song Contest. Even if their efforts did not get them into the finals in Malmö, LaBrassBanda has made an impressive musical mark and demonstrated their extraordinary talents at the ESC in Hannover.

Cooperation in the Development of the new Miraphone Eb Trumpet

Last year Stefan Dettl and Miraphone worked together to develop a prototype Eb trumpet which Stefan then put to the test in nearly 50 public performances. Stefan Dettl studied classical and jazz trumpet at the Richard Strauss Conservatory in Munich before bringing his ideas and combining them with Miraphone’s in the creation of this instrument.

Results of exhaustive tests in a plethora of different stages, acoustics and arenas were that the new Miraphone Eb trumpet boasts an especially instant response with a full-bodied sound and excellent projection. The perfect functioning of the rotary valves allows very fast action and a smooth and seamless execution of the most difficult passages. 

If you missed the chance to experience the sounds and styles of LaBrassBanda at the preliminaries, their is another opportunity coming up since the group will be on tour this July presenting over 20 concerts not only in Bavaria, but nationwide.


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