Harmonic Brass tests Miraphone instruments LIVE during their Christmas concert performances

On November 26th, trumpet players Hans Zellner and Gergely Lukács from Harmonic Brass Munich visited the Miraphone factory for an instrument test session. The M3050 piston trumpet was the first focus of attention for both gentlemen. Thomas Lux, trombonist with Harmonic Brass, accompanied the trumpeters and was very interested in Miraphone’s “Gran Symphonic“ M6500 tenor trombone.

Miraphone has worked with the Harmonic Brass Ensemble for many years now collaborating together for over 2000 cultural appearances as ambassadors for the Goethe Institute as well as through performances for enthusiastic audiences world-wide. The group has been using Miraphone’s fluegelhorn model 24R, the Miraphone 1258A euphonium as well as the „Firebird“ F tuba and the 191 BBb tuba from Miraphone for concerts and engagements.

The Harmonic Brass members were so taken by the M3050 piston trumpet and the “Gran Symphonic“ M6500 trombone, that they requested to take their testing live out onto the real stage for their Christmas concerts this December.

Miraphone is pleased over the excitement of the musicians and looks forward to hearing the feedback after this month‘s Christmas tour by Harmonic Brass München!

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